Kids & Adults making good use of Tech

Some of you may remember that I started out in community service helping in the porn prevention space, but in the last few years I have felt led to help foster a more deliberate, positive culture around issues related to children and technology and so I created EPIK Deliberate Digital along with some other amazing women. Our vision is that children/youth will have mentors in their parents and others who are not fearful and reactive but are hopeful, optimistic, and deliberate in working side-by-side with their children to navigate what it looks and feels like to use technology to build relationships, gain knowledge, and to serve and help others in innovative and creative ways. (To use Sister Eubank’s words from Conference).
And, as an aside, speaking of Sister Eubank’s comments, we are associating with people around the world who are so good, who want to be part of making this vision happen.
Onto details about the event:
With that little background here I am today, less than a month away from the National digcitsummit207 that will be held Nov 2-3 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. This flagship summit will be different than most conferences. We won’t be having a one-way lecture/panel model, but rather will be engaging together in roundtable sharing and discussion. Every voice will matter, including the voices of youth who attend the meetings.
The #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza will be held the evening of November 2 at 6:30 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. This will be the highlight of our two-day Summit — where youth and young adults will showcase ways that they use technology for good. We have nearly 2 dozen young people who will be participating, and we are anxious to provide an audience for them and to help inspire parents and other mentors toward a more optimistic mindset. 
We have designed the summit to also include bringing breakout session/workshops to the community for free as well. So starting Friday afternoon (Nov. 3), there will be nearly a dozen free events along the Wasatch Front, including a workshop about prevention science (which teaches that the best prevention is about reducing risks AND increasing positive forces in a child’s life) and a workshop on parenting in a digital age. Youth around the valley (including refugee and minority youth) will also participate in brainstorming sessions about different ways that they can #UseTech4Good. 
More information on the free community events can be found here: 
Please help us and share this information with those in your sphere that are interested in helping children, youth and parents alike. 

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