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The free community workshops I will be at are both in Orem:

TribeHouse Event Center @ 4:00 p.m. What: “Reducing risks and increasing protective factors” When: Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m. Where: Tribalry TribeHouse Event Center 575 E University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84097 (Entrance is located on the north side of the University Mall, just off of 1100 South (south of Costco)) As part of the DigCitSummit, Impero Software has sponsored a white paper to explore how prevention science might be a good model for digital health and citizenship for children/youth. In prevention science, research shows that both reducing risks AND fostering positive, protective factors in a child’s life are essential to good prevention. The focus of the discussion will be to expand conversations to help parents, educators, and others think about the combination of approaches that can be beneficial to helping kids stay safe AND to be healthy individuals as well as deliberate, positive digital citizens.


TribeHouse Event Center @ 7:00 p.m. What: “Parenting in a Digital Age” When: Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m. Where: Tribalry TribeHouse Event Center 575 E University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84097 (Entrance is located on the north side of the University Mall, just off of 1100 South (south of Costco)) Parenting in a digital age can feel overwhelming and sometimes even frightening. We need each other to navigate this complex world in which we are living. Hear various perspectives on parenting in a digital age, engage panelists in Q&A, and interact with other parents who care about how to both reduce risks and to foster positive and deliberate digital use in our homes. Panelists: Carolina Allen, Dina Alexander, Gabi Jubran, Felicia Rateliff, Ethan Fausett, Deanna Lambson

The link below has others. So many good choices. Good luck to all the facilitators and participants for these important events!

Free Community Events List

Kids & Adults making good use of Tech

Some of you may remember that I started out in community service helping in the porn prevention space, but in the last few years I have felt led to help foster a more deliberate, positive culture around issues related to children and technology and so I created EPIK Deliberate Digital along with some other amazing women. Our vision is that children/youth will have mentors in their parents and others who are not fearful and reactive but are hopeful, optimistic, and deliberate in working side-by-side with their children to navigate what it looks and feels like to use technology to build relationships, gain knowledge, and to serve and help others in innovative and creative ways. (To use Sister Eubank’s words from Conference).
And, as an aside, speaking of Sister Eubank’s comments, we are associating with people around the world who are so good, who want to be part of making this vision happen.
Onto details about the event:
With that little background here I am today, less than a month away from the National digcitsummit207 that will be held Nov 2-3 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. This flagship summit will be different than most conferences. We won’t be having a one-way lecture/panel model, but rather will be engaging together in roundtable sharing and discussion. Every voice will matter, including the voices of youth who attend the meetings.
The #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza will be held the evening of November 2 at 6:30 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. This will be the highlight of our two-day Summit — where youth and young adults will showcase ways that they use technology for good. We have nearly 2 dozen young people who will be participating, and we are anxious to provide an audience for them and to help inspire parents and other mentors toward a more optimistic mindset. 
We have designed the summit to also include bringing breakout session/workshops to the community for free as well. So starting Friday afternoon (Nov. 3), there will be nearly a dozen free events along the Wasatch Front, including a workshop about prevention science (which teaches that the best prevention is about reducing risks AND increasing positive forces in a child’s life) and a workshop on parenting in a digital age. Youth around the valley (including refugee and minority youth) will also participate in brainstorming sessions about different ways that they can #UseTech4Good. 
More information on the free community events can be found here: DigCitSummit2017.com/free-community-events 
Please help us and share this information with those in your sphere that are interested in helping children, youth and parents alike. 

Cell control

Last night we had a discussion. Sam, Jeff, Bryson and I. Sam left shortly after it had begun. Jeff started pulling at his shirt as if the room was getting warm.

“Jan, haven’t you noticed where my cell phone is right now?” Bryson asked.

I looked at his hand, half expecting it to be clutched safely where it could securely be retrieved at the moment it was needed. It wasn’t there.

“Haven’t you noticed I’ve been putting my phone down when you come into the room and want to talk to me,” He implored.

“What is the hangup with me,” I wondered. Ever since attending conferences on technology use and abuse and reading the ever increasing articles about our 24 /7 connection to the world around us I’ve become aware and a bit sensitive…maybe even hyper sensitive about the virtual world takeover and I’m not sure I like it.

Let me interject this EXCELLENT ARTICLE if you are or aren’t sure that media is never nuetral.


What can cause consternation is the time it claims on an already full day (maybe you’re wondering right now how you’d rate the time I’ve required from you in reading this article). And then there is the weather report, campaign shenanigans, news, emails, tasks, and responsibilities interrupting my time or the time I think my husband ought to be directing to me when he is home from work. I’m even skeptical about that office (his cell phone) he brings into our room each night and puts on the night stand to charge. I’m not happy when it is the last thing to grace his eyes before he goes to sleep or when he awakens in the night. Sound like a jealous wife worried that technology is edging me out of a place of priority?

My husband is not the only one in our family to deal with balance. I’ve come in on my family gathered in the front room and wondered if I’d get better response if I just sent a text to each one instead of addressing them collectively with my voice.

And I, yes I, am not without fault.

I’ve had to catch myself at church (of all places) glancing at my app that lets me see the directory of the congregation and then try to learn names of my fellow congregants rather than focus on the speaker’s message.

We get to constantly make decisions about the good, better, best usage of our virtual multitasking and the value we place on where we are and the people we are with.

I’ve decided I’m a much more observant victim than self aware director.